The Deliciousness of Kolkata From the Bottom Level

Kolkata has rightly been called the ‘City of Joy’ by French author Dominique Lapierre. The people of Kolkata know how to enjoy a festival- be it Durga puja, Christmas,  Chatpuja or  New year celebration.

Kolkata is different from other places just because of it’s food,  it’s heritage,  it’s people and many more. You are walking through a narrow lane where no attractions are there,  somehow a big palace appears,  it’s wondering. 

People called Paris The city of Love but for me Kolkata is The city of Passion. The people over here despite of all religion in their leisure times they just want to enjoy that moment with others.

If you want to visit Kolkata, its my opinion that you will gonna spend your most beautiful moments of life over here.

I guess beside the Howrah bridge,  Victoria memorial,  The statue of Netaji subhas at Shyambazar,  Maidan,  u know about the famous street foods of Kolkata–

1. Golbari

Originally named New Punjabi Restaurant, the eatery is popularly called Golbari because of the semi-circular facade of the building – started not by a Bengali but by a Punjabi, Kishan Arora’s father Ratan Arora, 92 years ago.

Now let’s come to the taste, the pieces of meat floating in oily red gravy, it’s just astonishing and delicious. For food lovers it’s a kind of dream to have this ‘kosha mangsho’. They served it with two paratha and salad.

According to hygiene it’s too oily. But for once you must try this dish if you are in Kolkata.

The price is approximately-300/-

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2. Zakaria street

Ramzan is about food, and then the only name comes in our mind is Zakaria Street. For foodies it’s a bliss to go there and taste the awesome kababs. It’s very famous in Kolkata. It’s situated near M.g road. The street is quite crowdy in the time of ramzan.  Lots of famous food stalls are there like Dilli 6, Sufia restaurant, Taskeen.

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3. Decker’s lane

Dacre Street, also known as Decker’s Lane has everything you would want to try. From Punjabi to Chinese and the trade mark Bengali dishes, you’ll find it all here. Chowmein, Schezwan chicken, luchi-alu dom, fish roll, Ghugni, Puchkas, Jhali Muri and the list just goes on.What’ss more, the WHO has rated the food here to be one of the Best Street Foods in the World! One of the most famous shop is Chitto dar dokan and the dish Chicken stew

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4. Terreti Bazar

If you want to some chinese dishes, the only name comes in your mind is Terreti Bazar.

Here you’ll find an interesting mixture of Chinese Indians, Indians, shoppers, eaters, and depending on what day you go, a crowd that has just finished partying the night away and is looking for something tasty to eat.

As one of the top things to do in Kolkata, visiting the Terreti Bazar in the morning is a must!

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5. Fuchka

The history of making fuchka comes from the time of Mahabharat.

Kolkata fuchka is something different from delhi or mumbai. Fuchka filled with mistakes of alu and dipped in tangy water a lemon, tamarind and spices. It’s just Divine. Many fuchka stalls are famous in Kolkata like – swapan’s fuchka in jadavpur,  fuchka stalls in vivekananda park and many places.


Kolkata is known for rosogolla. For the people of Kolkata the only desert they want to have after the meal is rosogolla. If you are in Kolkata you can’t miss this.

There are many famous sweet shops like –

K. C.  Das,  Balaram mallick and Radharam mallick, Mouchak etc.

7. Mitra Cafe

Love non-veg items? If yes,  then it’s your only destination. The famous food stall, mitra cafe. The mutton kobiraji cutlet is just famous and it’s truely mouth watering. Beside this,  fish kobiraji, fish fingers,  fish chops are also very tasty. The food quality is really good.

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8. Haridas modak

A 150 years old sweet shops located in shyambazar, serves the best bangali breakfast. Breakfast items like- luchi, alur torkari, singara, chanar chop, sondesh are really tasty. If u want to taste some good food with true bengali essense please go there.

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9. Street shops on Dalhousie

Dalhousie,  a place where many people come to Bankshall court for their cases and all. But apart from these the street shops are really famous they served many varities of food. And many restaurants are also there.

10. Anadi Cabin

The one of the oldest shops in Kolkata, the main attraction of this place is mughlai paratha. They serves  best mughlai parathas according to people. But now the taste and quality become too bad. Famous shop but not with a good food.

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No other places can’t serve this kind of street foods like Kolkata. Apart from the places there are many more street food hubs in Kolkata like- the shops in newtown, sector 5, beside indian museum and many more. Kolkata is Kolkata. 

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