Summer – A season filled with deliciousness and drinks!

Here we are again, the season where people hate to go out of their homes when the temperature is at its peak. The hot yellow bright ball glows with all its might that drenches you in sweat, soaks your clothes and makes you feel like your energy is low. But, it’s also the season which brings in the king of fruits and a dip in the cool condensed milk melting into your mouths – ice-cream!.

These are some of the top do’s and don’ts that we will recommend you to follow in the summer season.

1) The first thing on this list is that you absolutely must avoid is:

For all those who love the fruits that arrive during this month, ranging from oranges, to lemons, it is advised to not drink the lactose packed, white coloured liquid with the fruits you consume.

The citrus fruits shown in the picture above have citrus acid which mixed with the calcium contained drink is definitely not a digestion friendly mixture.

2)  And, now for the thing that you must definitely try is:

Everyone loves to eat mangoes in the summer. Not many people know but eating mangoes increases the heat in our body. Drink milk after eating mangoes. The lactic acid in the milk is responsible for reducing the heat in the mangoes. That’s why, milkshakes are a treat to slurp on during the summer!

3) If you’re into fitness, then this is something you can keep in mind,

After you exercise, you probably consume the liquid that gives you life – water. It is recommended for you to drink lemon sherbet, and energy drinks to keep you hydrated. Our body loses a lot of water due to the secretions of our sweat glands present on your skin. Also, it’s better to gulp it down after exercising rather than before. Be wary, otherwise the ascetic acid will churn the insides of your stomach and it will come out of your mouth in the form of vomit.

4) Refrain from wearing certain type of clothes :

Time to say goodbye to the tight fitting clothes in your wardrobe, and welcome the loose fitting ones! On wearing tight clothes, the salt water that oozes out of the pores of your skin sticks to the cloth, which makes it unpleasant and doesn’t let your body cool down. This is not recommended to wear, especially for long durations. Whereas, if you wear loose fitting ones, the air in your surroundings can enter inside your clothes easily. That’s why the body remains airy. Fully covered clothes are suggested so that you don’t get tanned.

5) Chew on some tulsi seeds:

Tulsi seeds, soaked in mineral water, overnight are a tonic to the body. This not only helps in reducing your weight, but also decreases the body temperature. Rose water, is also great to replenish us of our extreme thirst. Falooda, on the other hand, is a great combination of both the ingredients mentioned above mixed into it to give it a sweet flavour.

Hope you have a great summer vacation ahead!

This Article is Written By : Mukta Gadgil

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