Skills to learn During College

In an environment where a graduation degree means next to nothing and everything is a rat race and about numbers, it is nice to sit back and actually learn something that will help you in life and not just in getting a job and look good on your resume. Here are some of the things you can do in your free time:

  • Learn python

This, strictly speaking, is not just for the people doing engineering or are just generally into computer and AI. Python is a comparatively easy language to learn and is surely easier than C++ or the rest that require you to learn and remember several strings of code. Python is a far reaching and continuously evolving language and has been around for 20 years. Even if you’re into a field or career unrelated to computers, but are interested in developing a skill like this, python sounds good.

  • SEO

SEO is apt for people in marketing that want to learn something other that the textbook crap that is outdated and boring. SEO is a continuously evolving field of marketing and advertising and if you’d like a career in something related to content writing, marketing or advertising, you should learn about SEO.

  • Leadership Skills

Now a Days Leadership is a must having quality if you want to grow in your life.If you want to see yourself in top position then you have to start leading various community and clubs in your college to gain the experience.

  • Time Management

In college life you have to spend time on your academics but you also have to focus on learn new tech skills and soft skills to do good in future and alongside you also have to do extracurricular activity like sports,cultural activity etc.So, time management is going to be one of the most crucial things in these days.

  • Learn Spanish

Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn and extremely similar to English. It follows the same alphabets as English and can even be self taught. It will take some practice, but with regular practice, it is easy to reach the intermediate level. One con is that it is already spoken by lots of people so it won’t be unique or something novel.

  • Learn korean

Korean has an easy writing system where the letters have been developed fairly recently and are written the way your tongue moves when speak them. The grammar is very different from the English grammar and the pronounciation is extremely difficult and also very hard to romanise. One pro is that very few people can speak Korean so it will be a unique skill.

  • Learn to bake

Baking is one of the most relaxing hobbies I have ever experienced. You can always start a small bakery that sells limited items and then expand it to make a full fledged business. The only thing you’ll need is an org oven, electricity and patience. Pro: you get to eat a lot of cake and cupcakes. You might end up putting on a lot of weight, but it’s not really a con since food is worth it.

  • Play a sport

It can be anything, badminton, swimming, table tennis, basketball, or even jogging or running. It’s so peaceful and helps a lot to relax and stay healthy, especially for someone who is too lazy and broke to go to the gym and workout. Learn to relax and enjoy the sport, it doesn’t have to be too straining or competitive. It just has to make you feel good.

  • Learn to play an instrument

For someone who calls herself tone deaf (mainly because that is the only thing that can explain my terrible music skills), I sure have a few suggestions. Learning the piano, from personal experience, is easier than leading a string instrument, because it lets you remember keys, instead of remembering the tune and notes, which for someone like me is next to impossible. Of course, it depends completely on what you want to learn and are interested in.

If you want to know where you can learn stuff from, I have mentioned a few sites and apps down below, check them out:

Udemy(App) : you can literally learn anything. Minimal fees. Some courses are even free. Great content, many times even interactive teachers. Best to learn SEO, python and other tech related stuff

Duolingo (App): learning Languages, great for learning European languages, not so much for East Asian languages.

YouTube: Now I know this is very obvious, but YouTube is really good at teaching content.

Other tips to learn a language is to watch shows and movies in that language with English subtitles, which I understand is obvious advice, and even though people say that East Asian languages are the hardest to pick up, I disagree because k-drama have helped me a lot. Of course it depends on your learning pattern.

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