Introverts vs Extroverts

Dictionary says introvert is a noun, a sky, reticent person. But being an extrovert I find it very astonishing for how can someone be so quiet or shy. I don’t find them anti-social, I feel they are just pro-selves. Introverts reflect on now information at length and react relatively slow, whereas extroverts are geared more for action, so they reflect and react almost at the same time, without thinking of the outcome at all. Things people with social anxiety do are –

1) Go to the bathroom to escape.

2) Feel very uncomfortable without a phone or any other crutch – and thus   figit . 

3) Dwell on small things for longer than   necessary.

4) Never go on any social gathering without a friend and fakes illness in order to leave.

By plans an introvert means staying back at home and watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S . If we compare introverts with any animal then it has to be cats. Because if one second they’ll want to go out the other second they’ll want to return home, whereas extroverts can be compared to those puppies who can be out all day long and still feel the energy. But being an introvert must be really amazing because then they get to explore their real self. “Go big or go home” isn’t that a wrong quote for the introverts as they can go back home and still on their couch binge watching any web show they like. An amazing fact about them is that at every house party they sit at a corner sipping on their drinks observing everyone carefully and talking to the household pets and then when an extrovert intrudes them they feel like saying “FUCK YOU!” But they don’t day a word and just smile.  

 Now comes the fun part, people like me …” The Extroverts”. So I’m a punjabi, a loud extrovert human being who generally gets to hear ” Veda, pls lower your voice and talk softly what will people say.” Being an extrovert we don’t face the problem which introverts have which is the hesitation to start a conversation. Extroverts will understand this quiet well, like it’s funny how when I’m loud people ask me to be quiet and when I’m shut people say what is wrong with me. 

 Common signs of extroverts are:

1) Energises by socializing.

2) solve problems by discussing.

3) Open and willing to share stuff.

4) Often described as friendly and Approachable.

5) loves to talk.     

Extroverts are those people who always know what to say and each time they speak or open their mouths they manage to gather a bunch of people around them to hear what they are saying.               

Extroverts are more likely to take a quick-and-dirty approach to problem – solving, trading accuracy for speed, making increasing number of mistakes and abandoning ships altogether when the problem seems bigger. Whereas introverts think before they act, digest information thoroughly, stay on tasks for longer, gives up less easily and work more accurately. Both have their own way of living and dealing with life and both are perfect where they stand. 

This Article is Written by : Vedika Marwah

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