Is the latest HBO series Chernobyl really worth a watch?

When we talk about scientists we picture some men with very high logical power and reasoning capabilities. But just sometimes even they can commit a mistake. One wrong decision and science is no longer under his control.

So recently i just watched this out-of-the-world television mini series called “Chernobyl”,  and trust me you really don’t wanna miss this. So basically this is a 5 episode limited series which primarily revolves around the catastrophic nuclear accident that took place on 26th April 1996 in Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Now I really wouldn’t give much details about the accident you can really get it anywhere.  I would dig right into the details of this magnificently produced show Chernobyl.

You can catch the trailer of the show :

If you have searched Chernobyl on the internet the  IMDb rating must have shocked you.  You must be thinking a 9.6/10 rating,  this must be something really big.  And yes it is.  Not one minute of the show will disappoint you. This is marvelously written and created by Craig Mazin. This man is the writer behind movies like The Hangover part ll and The Hangover part lll.  And he is undoubtedly a genius.And it is a big shock that how a man who had written scripts as humorous as that of the Hangover series can come up with something so serious and real. Being able to create something this brave is a talent in itself.

One or two sequences of the show is really brutal and brings up the raw essence of what a disaster in a nuclear plant of much greater calibre than the bombings in Hiroshima can do to mankind.

I personally felt a little nauseous in one of the scenes where a firefighter who had gone to put down the fire in the Chernobyl power plant is exposed to a huge amount of radiation.And eventually he dies,  but that process  of his sufferance is shown to a very real extent. And for a minute you would stop and think that how a few wrong decisions can make things so horribly wrong.  So wrong that it causes the worst nuclear disaster ever.

The sacrifice of a few people saved the lives of an entire continent.  Its about their selfless journey for a greater cause. However it’s also about lies. To this extent that the official report of this biggest disaster claims that only 31 people died in this catastrophic disaster.  However real estimate is 4000-93000 people dead due to this.

I urge you to see this.  This show isn’t about entertainment but about the history of the world that affected many decisions that were to be taken following the largest nuclear accident that ever took place. I agree you won’t laugh or feel good after watching this mini series,  but then again what happened back there in Chernobyl and the incidents which followed were not good either.

The Video below shows how Chernobyl looks like today :

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