Google’s Fuchsia OS Launched it’s Development Portal

After a long time , finally Google’s secret project Fuchsia OS comes into public.Google was working on this Modern operation System from some years.Now, google finally launch the Development website of this Open-Source Project.

Some Key points from this projects are –

  • This Project is Completely Open Source Project.
  • Fuchsia OS is not Based on Linux Kernel.
  • Fuchsia Based on a Micro-Kernel Zircon (Previously Magenta)
  • Languages used in this development are – C/C++,Go,Dart,FIDL,Rust,Python,Flutter Modules and according to their documentation , they bring some new language too.
  • Any Specific UI for this OS is not announced yet.
  • Guide for How to Build and Test App for Fuchsia are available on their Development site.
  • Check out : FUCHSIA OS for more details Documentation.

The Fuchsia Development hardware target was – Acer Switch Alpha 12 , Intel NUC & Google Pixelbook.

Still we are unknown about the fact that how this new OS will look like and how will it operate.

With Google’s new update and official Documentation of Fuchsia OS we are expecting some more insights and overlook of the OS . But it’s confirmed that this OS is going to launch and it will different from Other OS in various technical aspect.

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