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K-dramas are something most K-pop fans have dwelled into because of their immense popularity and cultural references. Although cute and funny, they do tend to get repetitive and mushy. If you’re looking for k-dramas and movies ranging from intense to mind boggling and mushy too, here is the list:

  • BTS run

If you’re a BTS fan, you’re bound to like this. Apart from their music, the bangtan boys are goofy, funny and kind. BTS run showcases it perfectly. If you’re interested what these boys do in their free time, like travelling, playing games, doing tasks and goofing around, this is for you. Its hardly ever boring and a constant roller-coaster of laughs.

  • Kill me, heal me

This drama has it all, mush, romance, revenge, drama and laughs. It revolves around a man who has experienced trauma and abuse when he was little, but his brain has locked it out. The woman too, has suffered the same ordeal but has no recollection of it. It is about how he approaches a psychiatrist to get over his trauma and hide it from his family and the world.

  • We got married

Its a show that revolves around 2 idols kept in close proximity to each other through a virtual marriage. The season that is amazing is of Joy from red velvet and Sungjae from BtoB and the romance between them is so heartwarming. Of course, this is an old season since they were only 20 then (as of 2019). It’s really cute to watch them together.

  • YouTube channels (solfa, channel wow, jamjamj)

These are some of the funniest channels for k-entertainment related stuff. Jamjamj has great funny bts and other K-pop related content. Solfa is mainly a group of millennials doing weird and funny shit (including blind dates). Channel wow is based on the same concept. Great for picking up Korean words and slang terms.

  • Korean unnie (YouTube channel)

Amazing if you’re trying to learn Korean, really funny, really helpful and warm. Great help. Special mention for ‘pooh in korea’ she has great content too.

  • Radiant

One of the only reasons to watch radiant would be that it has Nam Jo Hyuk. Not that you need other reasons, but it’s a really good show that depicts how life is cruel to all of us and that old age is really really hard to survive. It’s extremely confusing in the beginning but it’s worth every bit.

  • Goblin, weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Jo, descendants of the sun.

Although these are dramas that every k-drama beginner has probably watched, they are some of the good ones. Goblin, like the name suggests is about a goblin and his bride. Weightlifting fairy Kim bok jo, again like the name suggests is about a really goofy girl who lifts weights like a pro and her swimmer boyfriend. Descendants of the sun, unlike the name suggests is about a female doctor and 3 people in the army whose life gets complicated when they volunteer in a place of calamity.

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