FRIENDS: The Most Obsessed And Classic Sitcom Of All Times !!

This American-Sitcom is not just one of the top shows that the living world has ever witnessed but also a saga that rules over our hearts yet today.
Yes, the journey of 6 Manhattan based Best Friends is quite a label of convo even after 25 years of its birth. From their 20s carefree bachelor lifestyle, striking in-an-out of romance, falling thick-an-thin through career, evolving with failures, accepting changes and growing into adults in their 30s, these bunch of crazies have redefined friendship in all norms and forms.
Fascinating it is that 6 people with totally different personality and attitudes sticked to each other at all pandemonium. No doubt the world relate their characters to themselves happily still today. Even their opening theme song “I’ll Be There For You” by the Rembrandts highlights the epitome of the series that is “Friendship”.
The creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman digged their Characters grilled with all variety —-

Courteney Cox – Monica K. Geller is the younger sister of Ross and best friend of Rachel, the latter of whom she allows to live with her after Rachel forsakes her own wedding. She works primarily as a chef at a variety of restaurants. She is described as the mother hen of the group, and is known for her obsessive-compulsive and competitive nature. Monica is often jokingly teased by the others, especially Ross, for having been extremely overweight as a child.

Jennifer Anniston – Rachel Karen Green spoiled but warm-hearted and likable daughter of a rich vascular surgeon and his wife. Rachel is introduced into the series in the first episode after she leaves her fiancé, Barry, at the altar, and attempts to live independently without financial support from her parents.She flees from her almost-wedding to New York City to find Monica Geller, her friend from high school. Rachel moves into Monica’s apartment and meets Phoebe Buffay and Joey Tribbiani. She ends up bagging a reputed job at Ralph Lauren, top fashion house of the world.

Lisa kudrow – Phoebe Buffay an odd, ditzy albeit sweet-natured masseuse who grew up homeless, sometimes telling her friends outlandish tales of life on the street. She is an aspiring musician who plays the guitar and sings songs with somewhat unusual lyrics at the coffee shop. She has an identical twin sister, Ursula (also played by Kudrow), who is just as odd as Phoebe and appeared as a recurring character on Mad About You. She also became a surrogate mother for her half-brother Frank Jr. giving birth to his triplets . After a series of dates and relationships with a number of men, Phoebe meets Mike Hannigan whom she eventually marries leading a happy life ahead.

Matt Leblanc – Joey Tribbiani a good-natured but not-so-bright struggling actor and food lover, who becomes mildly famous for his role as Dr. Drake Ramoray on a fictionalized version of Days of Our Lives. Joey is a womanizer, with many girlfriends throughout the series, often using his catchphrase pick-up line “How you doin’?” .He develops a crush on Rachel but eventually steps back giving Ross the family space for having Emma with Rachel. However, he too later gets along with someone.

Mathew Perry – Chandler Bing is an executive in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration for a large multi-national corporation. known for his sarcastic sense of humor. He often mocks his best friend Joey for the latter’s stupidity. Chandler is often depicted as being somewhat of a hapless individual, suffering a lot of bad luck while struggling through life and occasionally struggling with an on-and-off smoking addiction. However, he eventually falls in deep mutual love with Monica and ends up marrying happily. By the end of series, he and Monica adopt twins, whom they name Jack and Erica.

David Schimmer- Dr. Ross Geller is a paleontologist at a museum of prehistory, and later a professor of paleontology at New York University. The most intelligent of the six main characters, but at the same time a clumsy, quirky man, Ross is known for being a smart, know-it-all who prides himself on his rationality, despite his clear hopeless romanticism. He is shown to be the most caring of all the six members in the various instances on the show. He goes through lots of marriage banters , facing emtional pain and departing partners. Although he turns his life with Rachel after having Emma and continues a stable life ahead.

They weren’t just friends of each other but of the viewers too and kept the generation hooked up with laughter, Joy, Happiness, Togetherness and most importantly with Love.

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