Changing the Medium of Entertainment : The Online Era

Also known as Television sets, also famously known as the idiot box, slowly disappears from people’s houses that usually sat in the living room with its glory. The sales and its use are decreasing day by day.

The serials aired on it are thrashed around by the critics for being melo-dramatic, repetitive or over-the-top. People seem to have lost interest in one of the most popular forms of main-stream media.

With the advent of internet and a lot of humans find themselves in front of the screen all day, the media is slowly switching its medium to it. A lot of companies seem to using Youtube or creating their own websites for the masses to watch through there. Apps are also another form of medium that are being used so that users can stream or watch it from anywhere and anytime.

The provide subscription fees with a nominal amount with the freedom to choose what they wish to download.

Companies like Zee5 and AltBalaji as well as news channels, the ones uber-famous for their loud bantering and political ramblings – AajTak, NDTV, India Tv have shifted their focus to these methods as their popularity is slowly rising.

HOTSTAR : This website has everything trending that you can dive in. The old TV serials that used to air on Channel V, Sony, Zee etc, almost everything is available here. A wide array of languages – Apart from Hindi, Marathi, English, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada and Tamil, are available here as well.

     There is HotStar live as well, where you watch sports, (Think IPL cricket matches) live! Without absolutely no interference of nosy ads. Talk Shows, WildLife and Travel are also other categories under which there are plenty of shows to see. 

Price : They charge ₹299/monthly and ₹999/yearly. You will have to have an account to watch what you want to.

 These services are also praised for picking up the quality content from TV, channels like Doordarshan, Epic and Zindagi etc, are well known for airing a bit different from your usual clichéd saas-bahu, love triangle(remember.. Pyaar ki ye ek Kahaani? or comic serials(the family show Tarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma).

AMAZON PRIME: This website is not only for adults to binge in through TV series, but also for children to browse cartoons of which they can engage in. From the all-new series Chhota Bheem to oldies like Powerpuff Girls, your kid will have a blast from your pastimes!

The option of Amazon FireStick is also available to make your experience more grand by plugging into your large flat TV screens (in case you were thinking of selling it off, think again!). Since Amazon Prime caters to the worldwide audience, it also available in languages like Español, Français, etc.

Price : They charge ₹129/monthly and ₹999/yearly. You will have to create an account to watch what you want to. It also offers a 30-day free trial(not without taking your debit/credit card details of course). 

One of the best things about these services is that they are customized and you can select your choice of movies or series according to your preferences, that too without any intrusive ads.

Lately, teenagers have started taking an interest in Asian language drama series such as Japanese, Korean etc. They have also started joining language institutes in the hopes of going abroad one day and achieving their dreams of settling there or touring there. For them, I introduce you to….

VIU : The special part about this website is that it provides Viu originals, which contains web series that are exclusively available and even contains shows in Arabic language! Love,lust,confusion about a girl named Poroma who is trying to sort out the struggles she faces in her complicated love life! Truth or Tammanna, the thriller about a guy whose girlfriend goes missing and navigates through the dark secrets of the Dance Academy to find her whereabouts as well as the reason behind it and many more!

An account is not required to watch, but the ones that fall under ‘Premium’ category do require one!

This website is also open for people to watch in Singapore and Hong Kong (which automatically gives access to Taiwanese and Chinese dramas.)

NETFLIX: Just like viu originals, netflix has a section for its Originals as well. The critically acclaimed political drama House of Cards, the animated sitcom that deals with a lot of mental health issues Bojak Horseman, are the brainchild of originals. 

You can also watch short series there like You, which a romantic thriller series based on a book, the dystopian anthology series Black Mirror.                                                                                                 

Price: The pricing system of Netflix works a little differently than the above mentioned websites. It provides us with three means: Basic, Standard and Premium. Basic being ₹500, Standard being ₹650 and Premium being ₹800. The prices increase  as the number of screens being watched at the same time increases also an extra Ultra HD option is available.                             

SHORT OF THE WEEK : This is a website that is especially for people who like to experiment with their tastes in movies and don’t mind watching the ones that aren’t well known, neither by famous directors or actors. These simply have short films, like a concept posted by someone who is interested in creating movies, could be an amateur one or just by someone an experienced while expecting nothing solid in return. It has various topics liste under the channel section which range from ‘Redemption’ to ‘Other Worlds’, ‘Transformation’ to ‘Society’, it also includes different styles like ‘Puppetry’ to ‘Found Footage’. I would definitely ask you to give it a try, even if most of the films simply revolve around a concept.        

Now, let’s begin the journey into the world of fiction and fantasy!     

This Article is Written By : Mukta Gadgil

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