Business on Instagram- A guide to the perfect Feed

An app with a billion followers and home to an extraordinary collective of young influencers, creatives and global entertainers surely wins “the fame mechanism” of 2019 but have you ever thought of a flourishing business on Instagram? 

With the advent of e-commerce, as a consumer I thought this would be the ultimate of business practices from now on. What more could we explore as businesses?To answer this question let’s ask one. When was the last time you logged into a website to buy something? Don’t remember right! That’s when you should consider getting your own audience on a platform like Instagram because you are on it as well as your potential followers who can help grow a small business like yours with the best part being that it’s absolutely free! 

With websites and online point of sale systems, huge investments for small businesses, Instagram can be your point to begin something great without having to spend some extra bucks.The age we’re living in, is much easier than it has ever been for small businesses or even start-ups because you can never complain about your backwardness or financial instabilities as an obstacle to start a new business. Instagram or social media has defied norms and has widened or sometimes broken the barriers of acceptance including the fields of buying and selling over the internet. As a result, physical stores at prime locations are so yesterday and are no longer needed because there are other ways by which you can increase brand visibility in the eyes of the customers. The ideas you have is what you can use as currency to help you get higher in life and closer to your goal, eventually attracting investors to help you expand its reach through the use of the app. 

But by the time we speak, around 25 million+ businesses are already selling on Instagram. So, with every new brand and every excellent vision coming up everyday in such a marketplace so demanding and instant, how could you be a topic of conversation and really hit the right cords because ultimately you have to make sure that your business is profitable enough to sustain further and grow. 

So here’s what you’ll need when you start something you love and stand out among the rest on such a demanding platform like Instagram which keeps you on your toes. 

Sell something new or don’t sell at all.

As a consumer, especially on Instagram I look for a product that is different from the rest so that it registers as a unique find but having said that there is also a profit for selling copies or existing products that are similar. But as a new brand the point of attraction can be an innovative product from where conversations can begin and garner an initial set of organic followers ensuring trust and liking who will act as patrons of the brand later on, as sole followers won’t increase sales but patrons of the brand with sustain the brand for life. Thus the rule is sell something innovative or don’t sell at all.

What is your Instagram language?

The fact that you’ve created your own business identity is there a language you speak? Have you created one? Marketing in today’s day and age is not an easy task, people are not just followers but they like to be treated as one with the brand. So, tell them what you are, engage with an interesting take on your creation, tell them stories they would come to read every time you post something, ensure that you answer most of your customer queries and guide them along the way. Make it relatable because there’s no longer a love for a standard way of thinking. However, keep stories short! Time, you know! 

Collaborate, off course!

Having said that there are numerous ways by which you can help gain visibility to what you are doing, collaboration being the most sought after as it is not only the convergence of two different visions but also a mechanism to gain a loyal audience of one brand to believe in what you are doing as a result , in the increase of profits and widening your customer base which is the main goal. Engaging in like minded people of a different body of work is definitely a good way to create something unseen before.For example, the fashion industry has some of the most popular and exciting collaborations especially in the year of 2018 where “collaboration” was the norm. When it comes to small businesses collaboration with other meaningful small businesses, for example brands that promote sustainability, support artisans or women’s self help groups etc can take the brand forward and generate great interest. So, don’t miss an opportunity to use your “@”. 

Inclusion is your responsibility.

Inclusion is no longer an obligation but an important responsibility and brands should take this change as the rule to survive further and win the respect of customers . Every marketing campaign, office team, production team etc should be diverse and equally represented. Including them in the promotion of the brand like the “making videos” of products are quite popular and widely accepted promotion tools seen all over Instagram feeds these days the best example being the making of Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone’s wedding lehenga which also has bought the faces of artisans to the forefront avoiding the isolation of the pillars of a brand. You may have also seen “I made your clothes” campaign which several brands adopted for their Instagram feeds. 

Grids- The way to a customer’s heart.

This is the fun part of selling via Instagram and probably a perfect platform to use your creativity to it’s best. Initially as Instagram will be the only place you will sell creating a visual extravaganza through your feed is a must for a brand to replace a customer’s eyes with hearts. Make sure every picture you post is the one that will add on to the customers saved to collection list. Having a consistent feed is equally important so that people can understand the brand at a glance and make the best choices. If you are puzzled or confused about how you can achieve this in your business just glance through designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s feed. So, take time and curate your feed just like a magazine that you would ever so wish to glare just the pictures of. 

The best part being on this platform is the love you receive and the way you can express it instantly creating an unmatched connection and following it gives to new talents and exceptional ideas that are going to change the ways we buy and sell in the future. 

If you feel we’ve missed out on something or want us to guide you regarding this topic please feel free to comment and let us know. It’ll be a pleasure to connect and help you out. 

This Article is Written By : Lenox Pinto

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