8 Things to Make a Habit Now

There are habits that all of us have cultivated over the years that makes us more efficient and happier and less miserable. Yet, there are ways we make our life harder by ignoring certain evident things and habits we need to make and follow. Here are some things that will literally save your life.

  • Use public transport.

As obvious and evident as it seems, it is so important to follow this. It not only saves you money but also makes sure you don’t spend endless hours alone, miserable and angry. Statistics have shown how driving can make you angrier, less productive and grumpier over time. Not only that, but it also affects your health adversely. The fumes you inhale over time are bound to damage your lungs and the terrible terrible traffic just isn’t worth it.

  • Cook

Most of us don’t cook, which I get, because either we are terrible cooks or because we just don’t have the time. We eat takeout almost all days of the week or go to our parent’s.  And that’s not just unhealthy but also extremely expensive.It’s not just calming to cook but also lets us lead a healthier lifestyle.  And its easier than ever, with YouTube tutorials, prepackaged food and face time. It’s really easy if you cook in batches or on specific days of the week and store them for the coming weekdays.

  • Community housing

Now, this isn’t for everyone, and I agree. Some of us do live with our parents and are already good friends with our neighbours.  But now more and more people are moving out, choosing to not have kids or not marry at all. And we are just getting lonelier. The idea is to have to do minimum work and maximum productivity and enjoyment.  In community housing, you have to cook very rarely and get to divide costs that end up being much lesser than before. You do get to have privacy but also live in a family like situation while never feeling left alone.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle.

This isn’t just from an environmental point of view, but also from a cost efficient personal point of view. Living sustainably isn’t you giving back to society at all, its you taking care of you. Don’t buy beauty products that you don’t need, don’t buy clothes you need. Shop in bulk and shop groceries fresh and cook only how much you need. With growing consumerism and capitalism it is easy to fall in to the trap of cheap deals and sales, but its necessary to save up and use the funds towards that house you always wanted to buy, or better invest it.

  • Read.

I cannot stress this enough, but reading is one of the best ways to grow. There are books on everything,  literally everything. Though reading is more time consuming than watching a few YouTube videos, it truly does reinvent you as a person and builds your imagination.  And no, its not just for children.

  • Learn a new language

This isn’t just so that it looks good on your cv, but so that you come in contact with an entirely new culture, its literature and its people. Contrary to what you think, not everyone speaks English and there are millions of people out there with things worthy enough to say that you will never know if you don’t understand their language.  There are Google translators but the true essence of what a person really means can’t just be translated.

  • Travel

I know that it can be extremely expensive to travel, especially if you’re going overseas. But you don’t always need to. India has thousands of places that are not only beautiful but culturally so rich and important.  Even I you’re short on time, explore your own city, you really never know what you’ll find and who you’ll meet.

  • Watch theatre

With the recent carp that Bollywood is making, it is almost impossible to go to the movies and even have a good time. But theatre is a different experience all together. It not only has this old rusty and ancient feeling to it but its also raw and live. Not to mention the actors are much better at their job, which surprising to some, is not looking good but instead acting. It’s a good experience and its truly worth it.

Although all these might not apply to all, I’m sure some do. So take a look within and try to live a better, deeper and realer life. Connect with yourself and people around you instead of the things, and you will sure discover something magical.

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