5 Careers that Scream gen Z

With employment rate going down and the newer generation being more and more inclined towards absolutely absurd stuff, new career options are being made and found every year. Some of them are as follows:

  • YouTuber

One of the really famous ways to make money now is through YouTube. The work seems easy but its far from that. YouTubers start out in the beginning by editing and directing their own videos. It’s almost impossible to get subscribers with the competition and making money on YouTube is really difficult too. The amount of emails and calls that one has to handle is preposterous. Although, if it is your calling and you’re willing to put in work for yourself and your legacy then it’s the best thing on earth for you.

  • Pet Groomer

One of the popular career choices for the younger generation today is grooming, and the rich seem to have a lot of money to spend on their pets. It’s an innovative job that requires creativity and a lot of patience. Plus the customers can be horrid sometimes and its easy to get into a fight. Although for someone who doesn’t like the medical profession and hence isn’t a veterinarian and is looking to work with pets can surely give this a try.

  • Voice artists

Voice artists have always been famous, but their popularity was limited to them performing at birthdays and celebrations. With the current trend of reading audio books, animated films and having AI technology, the voice artists are in high demand. It does take time to set your foot in this industry, but if a 9 to 5 bores you, this might be your thing.

  • Ethical hacker

The older generation cannot fathom why anyone would hire a hacker, surely not for ethical purposes. There are multiple courses that teach this, from all levels beginning from the very basic. These courses help build skills, but a computer and IT degree goes perfectly with it. Ethical hackers are generally recruited by companies, especially the government because of the rise in cyber crime.

  • Social media influencer

The older generation cannot seem to figure out what social media influencers actually do, and nor can we. The social media is a crazy place and by posting great pictures of anything from food to clothes and even yourself, you can become an influencer. Although it’s really hard to gain followers and keep them entertained, the main income comes from deals that they sign with brands to advertise their products.

This Article is Written By : Drishti

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